October 2009

Our NEW apartment in Kraków

Our apartment where we will be living until atleast June (because that's when our rental contract is up), if not longer!! Its a really nice place, it came fully furnished.

Snow in Kraków (Oct 14, 2009)

I took these pictures on my way to work yesterday.

From our apartment.
At the train station.
On the train.

Weekend Trip to Ukraine!

We took a trip this weekend (Oct 9th - Oct 11th) to Ukraine. Our hostel offered trips to Chernobyl and AK47 shooting, but we didn't have enough time.

David on the train to Ukraine.
Carrie on the train to Ukraine.
Independence square: some fountain.
Independence square: steps with water running down them.
Independence square: a globus!!
Independence square: flowers

Job search complete!

Sorry there haven't been any updates for awhile! We've been extremely busy.

Since our last post, we spent another few weeks looking for work. We eventually found jobs in a village just outside of Kraków (more info later). Our commute takes 18 minutes on the train.

After that we found an apartment (videos forth coming!), moved in last Monday (Sept 28th) and started buying the extra things we needed -- the apartment was fully furnished (it even came with shot glasses!) but not everything one needs to live.

We started our job this Monday (Oct 5th). We both have 6 classes, but at different times of the week. I have mine towards the beginning and Carrie towards the end. I've already taught 5 of mine.

And our internet just got hooked up about 20 minutes ago!

There are pictures and videos of Poland that we still need to put up. And even stuff from Santorini we haven't had a chance to post either. Hopefully, now that we have a permanent residence, regular schedules and internet, we'll be able to update the blog more frequently.

See ya!