Deep in the job search

Hello, everyone! Sorry we haven't posted in a while.

We finished the CELTA course on August 21st (about 2 weeks ago) and passed with flying colors! It was an extremely challenging course but I'd recommend it to anyone thinking about going into TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

The passed two weeks have been spent looking for work in Kraków. We've already had two interviews, have two more this coming week and hopefully more down the road. Looking for work is just as time-consuming as a full-time job. When things quite down, we'll start posting more.

The TEFL hiring season in Poland just started, sometime around August 31st and will continue until mid/late September. We expect to be hearing back about offers around the 15th - 18th. So wish us luck!

If the interview situation here in Kraków dries up, we'll likely travel to Warszawa and try our luck there.

For very curious souls, I've attached our resumes to this post. We've already sent them to something like 30 schools!

cv-david.pdf141.65 KB
cv-carrie.pdf78.87 KB



I never thought I'd see my

I never thought I'd see my daughter's resume written in Polish! Good luck in your search for employment. The rate of job loss here in the US is declining, typically a lagging indicator of economic change, so we're hopeful that a year or so from now things will feel better to more of the community. Unemployment here is just under 10%, reportedly not as bad as some European countries are even in better times. Everything is relative, I guess - even us, as I think of it! Ooohhh, corney!

We love you both and are confident you'll find what you're looking for! Go get 'em!!


Dad and Mom