Honeymoon in Review (July 16-20, 2009)

On Monday, we arrived in Krakow, Poland, ending our honeymoon.

Here is a quick review of events, some which will be expanded on later, possibly with videos!

Day 1

Day 2

  • Baggage arrives! Yay!
  • Walk to Fira for the first time
  • Do a wine tasting at some random shop -- leads to purchase of wine
  • Some more shopping
  • Massage at "Spa of the Gods" (provided in package from travel agency)
  • Full course dinner at "Sphynx" (provided in package from travel agency)

Day 3

  • A rental car was dropped off at the hotel (provided in package from travel agency) but we opted to refuse it because people drive insanely in Santorini
  • Walk to Fira and buy some Greek looking cloths
  • Some more shopping, eating and drinking
  • Post lots in blog
  • Skype with some people back home
  • Get really, really drunk with Andreas, the hotel empolyee who works the pool bar, who kept giving us free shots

Day 4

  • Tried to recover from severe hang over as best we could
  • Went on a 6 hour boat cruise around the islands (provided in package from travel agency) which ended in watching the sunset

Day 5

  • Packed
  • Waited for transfer to airport that never came -- but then we were miraculously saved by a taxi that drove by (taxis without fairs are relatively rare in Santorini)
  • Flew to Kraków via Vienna